01 Kit by Mr Wilfred Elkington

01 Kit by Mr Wilfred Elkington

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Post Office Kit (no longer available) built by Mr Wilfred Elkington
Mr Elkington has called this " Wilfred Elkington & Co Orthopaedic Boot & Shoe Maker " and is based on his own shop in the Black Country.

For those who do not know, the Black Country is part of the industrial heartland of England. It was called the "Black Country" because of the black cloud of smoke from the factories that permanently covered the area in Victorian times. Even the stone built Churches were stained black by the pollution.
The signs on the front of the shop read
Health First Walk on Leather Let your feet breathe.
Prices Mens Soles & Heels 4/6d Ladies 2/6d Heels 1/6d & 9d
Mr Elkington, a Shop customer was well into his eighties when he built this model
To enable us to list items here we have to give items a nominal value of 1p, obviously this is NOT FOR SALE

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