Kitchen & Scullery

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DH08 Mangle

Mangle Kit The image in the photo shows a kit superbly built and painted by Lin McQueen


DH106 Gas Cooker Kit

1940's Metro "Speedway" Gas Cooker KIT Kit made from white metal The second photograph is if a kit buily by Marilyn Or…


DH109 Electric Cooker Kit

Moffat Electric Cooker. kit Circa 1939 Kit made from white metal


DH135 Wringer

Edwardian Wringer & Stand. A 9 part kit in white metal of a type which was still being made in the 1920's. Overall Hei…


DH92 Kitchener Kit

Kitchener Range Kit Kit made from white metal Add Glowing Embers for £4.60


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