Copper Tape & Accys

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Plug in Backplates. Suitable for both ceiling and wall lights 14mm Diameter  


Large Eyelets

Large Eyelets Used to enable you to plug Lights directly into the copper tape Packet of 20.


Small Eyelets

Small Eyelets Used when you want to join lengths of copper tape together. Packet of 20.


Double Copper Tape

Double Copper Tape Insulated copper tape by Cir Kit Concepts, ideal for use with eyelets etc


Pound in Sockets

Sockets with nails embeded into the back so that you can make a good contact with the copper tape Packet of 4


Single Copper Tape

 Single Copper Foil Tape The original Copper Foil Tape Takes solder easily or can be used with eyelets, etc Ro…


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