Lighting Strip & Accys

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Pack of 6 spare plugs



Pack of 4 spare 2 amp fuses for the 12 socket lighting strip


Extension Pieces

4 Extension Pieces


Triple Extension Pieces

3 Way Extension Pieces Pkt 2 LF9015 - LSS3


Candle Bulb & Holder

Candle Bulb and Holder Pkt 2 In addition to the bulb shown in the main picture you can also use the long candle …


Fuses - Small

Pack of 4 spare fuses for the: 1/12th 6 socket Lighting Strip. - Ref: LSS1A 1/24th Lighting Strip Ref : LFH49001 …


Heat Shrink Tubes

Heat Shrink Tubes - Pkt of 12 These small shrink tubes provide an excellent means of connecting 32-gauge wires such a…


Lighting Strip Adapter

Lighting Strip Adapter Some transformers ( for example Heidi Ott transformers) are supplied with a plug on the end ma…


Lighting Strip and Accessories

Lighting Strip and Accessories Kit Kit contains Lighting Strip 3 pks (4) Single Extension Leads (12 leads in t…


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