Parlour Pump Organ Kit

Parlour Pump Organ Kit

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Parlour Pump Organ Kit
Accurate replica complete with stool Chrysnbon kits are highly detailed 1 inch to 1 foot polystyrene kits. Assembly is easy, simply remove parts from the "plastic tree" and glue with polystyrene cement. They can be painted with enamel or acrylic paints These kits are highly detailed and are very popular with the professional miniaturist.
The image in the "image gallery" are taken from the Victorian Doll's Houses" book by Nick Forder Published by Apple, unfortunately now out of print but if you can get a copy we would highly recommend it. The image shows the Pump Organ painted in black to give it an Ebony type wood finish.

There is also a video on You Tube called the "Chrysnbon Organ Kit  part 1" on building the kit  -


There are also two further videos on painting and finishing the kit.



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