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DH 01 Hand Sewing Machine

Hand Sewing Machine


DH05 Camera & Opera Glasses

Camera and Opera Glasses


DH101 Flying Ducks

3 Flying Ducks


DH110 Gramophone

Portable Gramophone


DH111 Gramophone Records

Set of 6 Gramophone Records with labels and sleeves. The records are etched on thin brass, and the labels are colour de…


DH114 Mirror Sheet

Mirror Sheet For use with DH115 Girandole and DH117 Circular Mirrors. Sheet size 100mm x 75mm. x 1mm thick . Cuts eas…


DH115 Girandole Mirror

Girandole Mirror with Candle Brackets. Approximately 3.5 in high. Mirror not included (see DH114)


DH116 Eagle Mirror

Eagle Mirror. Approximately 3.5 in high. Convex Mirror is Included


DH118 Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock Approximately 1.25 inch high


DH119 Figurines

3 "China" Figurines including "John Bull" Approximately 24 mm high. Made from Cast White Metal


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