Phoenix Fireside & Heating

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DH133 Angled Fire Fret

Angled Fire Fret 1/12th scale - Made from White Metal  38mm long - 9mm high Can be painted with Enamel or …


Glowing Embers for the DH139 Fireplace

Glowing Embers for the DH139 Small Parlour Fireplace Plug into your normal lighting system. 


DH04 Companion Set

Companion Set


DH103 Large Fireplace

Large Fireplace


DH104 Fireplace

Small Fireplace (Bedroom type) with tiled hearth. Size 2.75in (w) x 3 in (H) projection 1.25in Made from resin…


DH105 Fire Basket

Front Fret / Fire Basket. Will fit both the DH103 Large Fireplace and the DH104 Small Fireplace with a little adjustmen…


DH107 Parabolic

Parabolic Electric Fire


DH108 Bowl

Bowl Type Electric Fire


DH113 Adam Fireplace

Adam Style Fire Surround. This is a one piece cast Resin moulding. Approximate overall size is 122 mm wide. The Fire …


DH125 Heater

Parafin Heater. A small piece of dowel is included to help you roll out the barrels from the brass sheet. Approximatel…


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