Phoenix Shops & Pubs

A Country Pub

A country pub scene using Phoenix furniture and accessories


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DH123 Windsor Chair

Windsor "Wheelback" Chair


DH124 Windsor Chair

Windsor "Carver" Chair


DH129 Shop Scales

Shop Scales. Kit included clear glazing & dial transfers


DH139 Fireplace

Small Parlour Fireplace Would have been installed with a wood surround or "overmantle" Overall Size 58mm (W) x 72mm (H…


DH146 Pub Ashtrays

3 Large Pub Ashtrays


DH148 Pub Table

Pub Table Wooden table top with cast white metal ends.


DH149 Bar Stool

Bar Stool


DH54 Tankards

Goblets and Tankards


DH73 Cats

2 Cats


DH78 Till

"National" Cash Register


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