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Paint Brushes

Micro Paint Brushes

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Drill Set 20 Piece

This set contains 20 drills with sizes from 0.3mm to 1.6mm Best quality HSS ground drills (not to be confused with simil…


Drill Set 20 Piece Microdrills

This 20 piece microdrill set contains sizes 61  to 80 Best quality HSS ground drills (not to be confused with similar …


Diamond Coated Needle Files

14cm diamond coated needle files with plastic handle covers. Longer lasting and faster working than conventional files …


Scalple Replacement Blades

Scalple Blades (Packet of 5)


Scalple Handle

Swann Morton No 3 Scalple Set supplied with a packet of 5 No 10A blades


Drill Bits

Set of 4 Drill Bits for Pin Vise


Metal Mitre Box

Metal Mitre Box Used in conjunction with the Razor Saw This one is made of metal and as well as the normal 45 and 90 d…



A selection of the 4 most popular stainless steel tweezers in a handy storage wallet. Includes: self-locking needle …


Pin Vise

The Pin Vise is mainly used when installing lighting to a Dolls House. We use it to drill the holes for the eyelets for …


Razor Saw & Handle

Razor Saw and Handle Ideal for all types of model making


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